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Dropbox and securing data

Published on June 6, 2012 by in Uncategorized

Just a quick post – I’ll update with more details at some point soon.

I’ve usually used encrypted folders with Dropbox for client material and other stuff where I want to make sure that I control the security on those files – Dropbox does store material in encrypted format, but that’s controlled by Dropbox and they’d have to hand over keys etc to the US Government if asked, and wouldn’t necessarily be able to notify the user. I’d rather know what’s going on with my data, thank you (and no, it’s not very secret squirrel stuff, but I’d prefer to avoid awkward conversations with the Bar Council and the ICO in the remote possibility that something did happen).

Anyway – after that ramble – encrypted folders are all well and good but not always that easy to use/set up etc. And they seem to chew up quite a lot of disk space.  I’m currently testing out SecretSync which seems to resolve all of that. I’ll report back soon to let you know whether it works as well as it seems to …

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